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For Immediate Release
February 24, 2007

CNN Airing Insurance Fraud Expose

Featuring Chiropractic Advocate And Speaker James Mathis

CNN has finally discovered what the Chiropractic profession has been living with for many years. And they are doing something about it... reporting it to the world.

Chiropractors throughout the US are well aware of the insurance industry's continued actions that make getting their claims paid a tortuous ordeal. We know from many reports that much of this is a deliberate attempt to profit at the expense of the doctor and patient. We also know that this claim denial activity is harshly one sided against the Chiropractic profession.

It is refreshing to finally have an organization such as CNN and an advocate and spokesperson like James Mathis bringing this situation into the limelight and doing something about this disparity.

The major system the insurance industry uses to deny claims is the use of automated software programs that analyze claims looking for reasons to deny or otherwise create such a paperwork burden on the doctor or patient that will ultimately result in reducing or eradicating the claim.

The major program utilized by the insurance industry and especially the giants in the industry is called Colossus. James Mathis was employed by two insurance company's for many years, namely State Farm and Allstate. After years of working on the inside with these firms, he learned all the nefarious means the companies were using to reduce claim payments and increase profits.

He left the industry when he was unable to make changes from the inside and as the companies discovered he was defending the rights of the patients and doctors. His story of persecution is often shared in his seminar trainings he has started to participate in to help doctors and attorneys understand how Colossus and the insurance denial systems work and how to win the battle to get paid, fairly and honestly.

Most doctors do not even know that Colossus exists, much less how it operates and what you can do to beat it. Mathis is fast becoming known as the Colossus Buster, training doctors and attorneys how the program works and how to win with Colossus.

This is not the first time Mathis has been a part of a CNN or other news media reports on this insurance fraud issue. He was featured on the first insurance fraud report on the Anderson Cooper 360 show a couple of weeks ago. The report received so much interest CNN has interviewed Mathis for several hours and is planning two additional reports on this issue.

Mathis has also been interviewed on this issue by over 20 different media sources including NBC, Newsweek, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report and more. He has been deposed or offered expert opinion in over 55 individual lawsuits including several class action suits as well.

For more information about CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 show CLICK HERE to go to his web page, although nothing will be posted about this report until Monday.

For more information about James Mathis and his Winning With Colossus training go online to www.EBCSeminars.com.

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